Cuisinart 260N1: The Cuisinart convection toaster oven

Cuisinart convection toaster oven

From Cuisinart’s famous line of home electronics, the Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven is a handy countertop appliance that provides plenty of power to deal with its many cooking options.

The Chef’s Convection comes with a total of 15 unique attributes, such as convection cooking, turbo convection, and a smart Dual Cook function that combines features for results.

Five heating elements, two on the bottom plus three on the top, and the Cuisinart Exact Heat™ sensors produce precise temperatures that ensure complete and cooking performance. Each setting delivers the perfect quantity of heat with no hot or cold spots.

Cooking features include toast, bagel, waffle, bake, broil, roast, pizza, sandwich, keep warm, and leftover.

In addition to a convection fan, there’s also a speed convection setting that circulates hot air even quicker. It can be used with most configurations, as no preheating is necessary and it saves energy as well.

Dual Cook is another feature that unites two temperature settings and times for results. When Bake and Broil are used together, a dish will inhale before finishing it off with a couple of minutes of boiling to the top.

The control panel features a clock LCD that’s backlit with a blue light. It shows chosen to feature, temperature, the time, and shade levels using a large, clear digital script. And there is also a timer with a maximum limit.

There is A large rotary dial used to select functions, temperature, preset intervals, toast levels, and purpose — and a simple twist of the dial will quickly scroll through all settings.

The convection button can be used at any time to add air flow. And the speed convection button eliminates the need to preheat, cutting times more.

The bright interior light comes on when the door is opened, and there’s also a button to turn it on for 2 minutes with the door closed, to monitor progress.

A +30 button enables you to increase cooking time for when you need only a bit more time in the oven by 30-second increments.

Product Details and Features

This offering from Cuisinart features four rack positions to take full advantage of all of the settings. And the two upper positions have a built-in stop to halt the racks when they are halfway out — a great notion that prevents tipping and spilling.

Additionally, the top will pop out a few inches when the door is opened, which makes it more easy to deal with items that are hot.

A loading crumb tray at the base of the unit is easily removed for cleanup, and the interior walls have a nonstick coating that could be wiped down.

The rear of the unit includes a set of cord cleats to take any excess cord length up, keeping your countertop safe clean, and tidy. These also act as a buffer to keep the device well.

The Chef’s Convection includes a brushed steel finish and a bar handle that’s easy to grasp, even with mitts on. And all materials that may come into contact with your meals are BPA free.

Accessories include two baking racks pan with a well-written manual, a 13-inch pizza stone, and pan and recipe book.

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