Best over the range microwave convection oven

The best over the stove microwave convection oven plays a role in the kitchen in 2017: it serves as a preparation tool, a clock, an apparatus that is cooking, a reheater, and much more. It’s all about capacity — nothing beneath 1.6 cubic feet of space options, and Competent exhaust fans with speed options. We also took with none of our selections falling below 1,000 watts.

Microwaves create a perfect companion for the kitchen oven. First, they give you an easy set of controls to your oven fan, which can siphon away smells and even decrease grease build-up on surrounding cabinets if necessary, to improve airflow. Many over the range microwaves include lights to increase visibility a bit, fast timers that may work much better than your oven timer, and other features that help with cooking jobs!


This beautiful GE microwave is a superb selection for kitchens. With its stainless steel lines, easy-open manage, and buttons, the design scores additional high on the usability scale. The features impress us, primarily since they’re middle-of-the-road choices that suit any kitchen and can easily fit in oven arrangements. The 1,000-watt rating is average, but enough to cook pretty much any food with no heating surprises (sometimes at greater wattage microwaves can burn food if you are not prepared). The 1.6 cubic foot capacity is ideal for families and can handle almost size of dish, as well as the venting system — with its easy two-speed controllers and 300 CFM air flow — will suit nearly any kitchen without irritating you with complex controls.

Additionally, there are a couple noticeable although small bonuses that we appreciated with this particular model. The turntаblе саn bе turnеd оn or off based on what you are cooking, and power levels can be programmed or changed to the manual mode based on your preference. When there aren’t a lot of buttons, you can get the two most common microwave foods, choices for potatoes and popcorn — along with defrosting options. There’s a little something for everyone here, and no attribute does.


On the other hand, mainstream attributes are not for you. If you are more concerned with finding a microwave for your cooking projects and worry about space and compatibility, check out this model! We’re not saying you can cook a chicken in the 2.0 cubic foot heating compartment (it wouldn’t cook evenly or well), but you could certainly reheat one with no problem in any way. This version (with a 14.2-inch turntable) is perfect for larger plates, platters, and even tiny pizzas, making it particularly suitable for families.

But size is not the only thing that made us select this LG model. The ventilation system, which uses a charcoal filter to reduce smells, is among the most effective around with three-speed options and 400 CFM airflow. The sensor cooking options will feel and set times for meals like mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs, so if these are some of your favorite foods you know which version will care for you. The control panel is also easy to clean, and the model was made to save energy as a result of its EnergyStar rating.

Best Convection Ovens
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